Welcome to Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch Shop!

We get it. Sometimes you miss us so much you can't stand it. That's the perfect time to have some of our Natachee's merchandise on hand. And if you want to order something for an out of town friend to show them the cool places you go to, just give us a call. We can put something together for you.


Do you dream of people asking for a refill on their iced tea? Aspire to carry four hot plates at once? Well, you may not get there, but you can sure look like you've made it! Our own Natachee's t-shirts are up for sale. At just $15, they're a sure conversation piece. Get ready to start answering the age-old question: "How do you pronounce that?" Men's and women's styles available; colors vary based on selection. New styles added often. Call or stop by the restaurant for availability. Oh, and yes, I will take cream with my coffee.


Go ahead, prove you've been here. These handy dandy stickers will show the world that you know where it's at. Keep an extra in your glove box to use as a back-up Band-Aid. The super sticky backing may even hold together that bumper that's falling off. Perfect for bedroom doors, guitar cases, math folders or as decorative wrapping for that Natachee's t-shirt you just bought for your sister.


Tickets to our music shows are available at the door or you can purchase in advance to guarantee seating. Head over to the Calendar page to see what's happening and to purchase tickets.